Our Company

Mining Industry Skills Centre is the skills advisor to the resources sector.

Kinetic works closely with key resources organisations in countries such as Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Peru. These organisations all look to Kinetic for direction on the development of workforce advice and integrated curriculum and technology solutions for accelerated skilling.

Within the resources sector, the lack of a skilled workforce is widely recognised as the greatest potential barrier to achieving safe and productive outcomes. This is even more significant in the face of the industry’s volatile patterns of growth.

Our work takes us across Australia and around the world. We find that the same challenges emerge in operations around the globe. Our role is to find the solutions to ensure a skilled and sustainable workforce.

The success of our approach is that we look at solutions which apply both immediately in an operational setting and strategically over the longer term.

Worldwide, the performance of the resources industry is impacted by booms and busts in demand for commodities, leading to surges and contractions in demand for appropriately skilled people. In the boom times, we’re not meeting demand and projects are constrained. In the down times, we’re not providing a workforce with the productivity and capability to cope with pressures on profit margins.

It is imperative for the industry to invest in measures to recognise, forecast, and support those skills sets in demand.

Rapid advances in technology are similarly driving significant changes to functions, role profiles and skill requirements – automation is outpacing workplace skills development. Some roles will become redundant while other roles will require redevelopment and re-skilling.

At the same time, resources companies must find workforce solutions that meet the needs of the communities within which they are located or risk losing the social licence to operate. We consider all aspects of a resource companies’ needs in providing workforce development advice.

The challenging times facing the resources sector require ground-breaking solutions. To prosper, our industry must place a key focus on learning and development, and think more strategically and with more innovation about the most productive forms of training.

Our range of work reflects the commitment of Mining Industry Skills Centre to its role as the skills advisor to the resources industry. It is this commitment that drives a relentless focus on the needs and future direction of industry.