Our Approach

The key to Mining Industry Skills Centre’s success are the relationships we nurture with our key stakeholders. Kinetic works directly with industry, both at corporate and site level.

As one part of its package of solutions, Kinetic harnesses technology to deliver training solutions. Technology can create simulated environments where employees can learn in a realistic, safe environment covering situations that could not be replicated in the real world (e.g. managing mine explosion or equipment failure). Such learning can accelerate the expertise of employees. Technology solutions can often improve on current systems that train novices by pairing them with experts. Such systems draw experts away from core functions and rely on the expert’s patience and goodwill.

An Accelerated Skilling Hub (ASH) transforms how people learn about safety, productivity, and capability. Use of the latest technologies redefines and improves skills in the resources workforce at an accelerated rate.

Kinetic developed the first serious gaming application using cutting edge simulation technology to support training in risk and safety scenarios. Called Project Canary, the revolutionary computer-based simulation program was designed specifically for the resources industry to promote skills in hazard awareness, risk assessment, safe behaviour and positive workplace culture around safety.

By embracing technology for the advancement of the industry, Kinetic’s expertise has attracted business interest from key resources organisations in Australia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

These organisations look to Mining Industry Skills Centre for direction on the development of integrated curriculum and technology solutions for accelerated skilling.

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